Dress Coded: An Education on (unnecessary) Sexualization

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When one Illinois middle school cluelessly decided to ban leggings & yoga pants because they were “distracting to the boys”, they probably didn’t have any idea it would be the catalyst to a national conversation about dress codes in school.

I mean, dress codes are like, so un-controversial. Until now.

Now, all sorts of interesting stories are surfacing. Girls wearing the same regulation gym outfits, but the curvier ones are getting dress-coded. Tall girls getting dress-coded for short garments, even though they’re finger-tip length, while short girls seem to not draw the same leg-bearing ire. One girl getting sent home from prom for wearing pants. Another girl was sent home from her homeschool prom because male chaperons said her dress was “causing impure thoughts”…for the teenage boys, of course.

So… Many interesting stories indeed.

The leggings ban irked me immediately for two reasons. The first…

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Fall TV 2013: Which New Shows Are You Most Looking Forward To? Vote!

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Best New Shows 2013To date, TVLine has offered its First Impressions of more than half of the new shows — largely focusing on the better (and the better of the worser) ones — coming your way this fall.

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Now, though, is the time for a mass gut check, whereby you simply cast your votes for the THREE (3) NEW COMEDIES and THREE (3) NEW DRAMAS you are most excited to sample as the new TV season unfolds this fall.

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Then, as the ratings start circulating come mid-September, we’ll see if y’all put up or tuned out — recognizing, of course, that only 0.02 percent of U.S. TV households are actually sampled by Nielsen. We also should(/could) get a taste for which noobs are fated to go up in flames, which…

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In a horror movie, everything bizarre happens such that the actors all eventually die and that’s the end. How they die is what makes the movies worth watching wether it’s the ghost slicing the body of a person into a beautiful symmetry or dragging the person’s body into a dark corner that the camera doesn’t show. It’s alwasy worth looking forward to. I don’y know if am a story teller of sorts but anyway. The day kicked off with numerous trips to the john. (sorry john) My body was in turmoil, my muscles ached and burned i could almost feel the end coming. I could barely walk and i would sit for a short while and then run to my freedom. The day dragged on with me barely living through it for i was almost lifeless. Darn laxatives!
Weird thing is when you’re sick and you need all the life…

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WISE SAYINGS? – Never Judge A Book

Unlike the title, there is nothing wise about this. I recently discovered a loophole in thinking big.

So i was told to judge not a book by its cover. The irony about this is that the writer summarises the book on the cover, actually both.

The front cover has a picture that says over 1000 words, sometimes alittle more. Thank God there is no charge for seeing beyond what is placed before us. The price never the less is paid by the curious.

The rear cover unveils the whole story in less than a 1000 words. The writer is never a boring one, thus, every reader is sent on to the inevitable quest for the detail.

Before the book was opened, we were provided both the imagery and insight which is a probable definition of detail. So, why for any reason except for need to satisfy a desire for an unrealizable thirst do we flip a page. When we reach here, i prefer you attempt to think retrospectively about the essence of looking for the detail.
My point being; humans are books, God; the author and writer. Our faces – the front cover, our bodies – the rear cover. You can tell the character and traits of a person with out having to put up each day of your life with them or worse still being close to them.

Even when the intrigue of discovery has its vice and cons, it is a journey taken by many, which i can’t explain today but it is in our nature as human to live by instinct.

Do you ever realise who you like, who you are attracted to and why you are not what you expected to be? It is normal that as reader you prefer a particular genre and the people you are with define the type of reader you are.